PliaTech Consultants Should Be Able to Help With Most of Your Problems

PliaTech consultants range from physicians and surgeons to mathematicians, statisticians, and graphic artists. What we dont know, we will find out about for you and advise you regarding where to seek the best solution to your programming, statistical, database or web-based problems.

PliaTech Statisticians Use Customized Software For Your Specific Problems

In addition to our familiarity with various SQL databases and powerful commercial statistical software, we can bring the power of custom built analysis to your problem. These include database analysis applications for data mining, web-based applications, logistic regression, multivariate regression, Bayesian predictive modeling, neural networks, and Support Vector Machine (SVM).

Web Design Consulting

We employ a number of commercially available web-design tools as well as a few custom software tools of our own to build websites for private and commercial use. Our philosophy is to keep the Internet clean, clear and simple, and not to clutter web pages with alot of uneccessary graphics and videos that slow down the loading of a page. This is particularly true with regard to a site home page. Sort of the Google ideal.

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and determine if we can help you.