Developed by PliaTech for the San Francisco Heart & Vascular Institute, these relatively simple mobile phone-based applications utilize tools to help the physician quickly assess the appropriate management protocols of a particular cardiology patient This mobile phone application is provided free of charge through the generosity of the San Francisco Heart & Vascular Institute and the PliaTech Research Foundation.

Navigate to this website on your Android phone. You can do this quickly by QR Scanning this barcode with your phone.


If you do not have the Android QR barcode scanner already installed on your phone, you should be able to download it for free from the Internet by clicking on the QR Droid link above.

this page

Once on THIS web page, touch tap the above Android Package (APK) file link to download it to your phone.
You should see a message "Starting download ...".
Allow a minute for the file to download.
Touch tap you Home button to get back to your phone home page. Then touch tap the Apps icon.


On the Apps page touch tap the Downloads icon,


locate the /mint/sdcard/Download/CSurgRisk apk.
Navigate back to your apps page and you should see the CSurgRisk app listed.

The exact process on your phone may differ slightly, depending upon the model. If the above procedure does not work for your phone, simply download the apk file from your computer and email the apk file to your phone email. You should then be able to install the apk directly from your email.

For questions or comments please contact us.