Archery Ballistics Calculator

Archery Ballistics is a simple, to use program that allows you to easily calculate actual initial arrow speed, kinetic energy, and momentum for your bow setup using readily available data.  This is particularly useful for those who do not have a chronograph readily available.  The program is entirely self-contained and does not depend upon other applications or devices.  Kinetic energy of an arrow falls off over distance.  Given the initial arrow speed and arrow weight, initial kinetic energy can be calculated.  It is generally accepted that because of frictional air resistence,  arrow speed drops off over distance.  The drop off in kinetic energy, by about 1.5 lb - (ft/sec)2  per 10 yards.   For bow hunters in the field who wish to determine whether or not shooting an animal at a given range is likely to result in a humane kill or merely a wounding, the program offers an estimation of the arrow's kinetic energy over distance.  Using Easton's chart that describes how much kinetic energy you need to take down an animal, the bow hunter can estimate the feasability of taking a shot with a particular bow set up and target range.  Download PC version.  Download Android Phone version.