Amortization Schedule Calculator

AmortizationSchedule a simple, to use program that allows you to easily calculate any loan amortization table using readily available data, that is, Principal Loan Amount, Annual Interest Rate (%), Loan Period (Years), Base Year, and Base Month.  This is particularly useful for those who which to know how much interest and how much principal is being paid of with each loan payment.  The program is entirely self-contained and does not depend upon other applications or devices.  Amortized loans use compound interest such that the lender gets paid off earlier in the loan. The schedule lets the borrower make informed decisions about how best to pay off a loan, and how much a given loan is costing.  Banks and lenders often will not or can not provide a detailed schedule, placing the borrower at a disadvantage.  The application allows you to print out a schedule based on accepted mathematical formulae, so you can compare your own schedule with any payment schedule provided by the lender. "Trust but verify" is the safest way.   Download PC version.           Tutorial