PliaTech was founded originally as Pliable Software by Michael B. Pliam, MD, PhD in 1999. Dr. Pliam has a long-standing interest in the statistical modeling of cardiac surgical outcomes which he has been involved in for the past decade. Given the present state of health care delivery in our country, it has become apparent that we need to find improved statistical modeling techniques in order to provide for a more solid foundation for the "evidence-based" practice of medicine.

As a primary prerequisite to that goal, it was necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying nature of current statistical models. That requires more than an passing knowledge of statistics, modeling, probability theory, and linear matrix algebra, Dr Pliam began writing customized software to explore these fields. The result was a set of very specialized proprietary tools that greatly enhances our group's ability to perform statistical modeling.

After a time, it was realized that these software programs and applications might be of considerable use to others, most particularly students of statistics, engineering, and mathematics. Consequently, we have made some of our proprietary sofware available to others.

After several years of independent research and study, PliaTech was created as a small, privately controlled organization. The mission was to find new and creative uses for data analysis to in the field of health care to provide a more solid ground than currently existed for the practice of 'evidence-based' medicine and surgery.